who read FLOWES IN THE ATTIC/The Dollanganger Series when they were young? I was obsessed with V.C Andrews when i was in intermediate. I was just thinking about the Flowers in the Attic movie. That was one of the biggest disappointments!! and looking back i can’t even believe people decided to make it into a movie Wes Craven was suppose to direct it, the book was that popular… I got into reading them when Harry potter was the new thing, But her books were my thing, I had about 20 of them, even some ghost written books (the shooting star series) still have them around somewhere. My mum took them off our bookshelf because she said they were embarrassing to have on display. lol. I will happily say to you all that V.C. Andrews’ x rated, series of pre teen trash got me into reading more as a youngster, it was the taboo themes for sure. I think people even tried to ban Flowers cos’ of the incest.I wonder if kids are still growing up on her books? its probably a good thing that they aren’t. 

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    best series I’ve ever read
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    Such an incredible series! When i was younger my mom wouldnt let me read it cause i was too young. When i finally got...
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    I read these since middle school. I was a strange child.
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    I absolutely love all of these books I could read them over and over.
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    School is getting in the way of what I love, which is this.
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    books like this don’t happen any more!
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